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The App That Helps Top Business Leaders Stay Smart

The Less-Known Secret to Being Used by Top Business Individuals

Every successful businessperson knows that the key to success is to behave like a duck – smooth and unruffled on top, but paddling furiously beneath the surface. Yet, while businessmen such as Elon Musk and Richard Branson may have perfected a confidence-inspiring smartness, we very much doubt they do their own ironing.

Instead, more and more successful business leaders are turning to the innovative dry cleaning app called Laundrapp to get their suits and shirts professionally cleaned and pressed for them. Here’s why…

Mdevicesobile &Online Bookings

If you’re pushed for time, normal shop opening hours are no good, but Laundrapp is open all week. Book a collection online or with the mobile app, to get your dry cleaning taken care of anytime from 7AM to 11PM.



suitSuit Cleaning Specialists

Most dry cleaners don’t do the cleaning themselves – they outsource it to industrial facilities. Laundrapp is different and works only with the very best dry cleaning specialists across the country to care for your suits and shirts.



free-delivery (1)

Free Collection & Delivery

Carrying duvets to a dry cleaners or loading suits into the back of a car is more Del Boy than Sir Alan Sugar. Instead, book a laundry or dry cleaning collection at a time and place that suit you – it’s absolutely free!



quality (1)Satisfaction Guaranteed

Laundrapp’s state of the art facilities have cleaned and spot-checked over 800,000 items this year in the UK alone. In fact, Laundrapp’s five-star service is so famously reliable that we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the results.


business-1 (1)Trusted by Big Business

Laundrapp offers corporate benefits and works with the biggest businesses in the UK to offer superior dry cleaning and keep teams looking sharp, including those at Lloyds Banking Group, Virgin, Amazon and more!



Laundrapp is available to try now in over 100 towns and cities across the UK. Get ready for your next big meeting and make sure you look your best by booking a free dry cleaning collection today with Laundrapp! Use special code – LEADER for £10 off your first Laundrapp order.

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