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Taking care of dirty laundry is something that nobody wants to undertake, but you have to handle it after all if you are to clean up your favorite dresses and make them ready to wear again, minus the stains, odor and dust. A self service laundry facility is one of the life-savers for people who do not like to wash dirty clothing at home. It is a coin-operated system where you have to insert coins in order to have the machine wash and clean your dresses, and no attendants are needed. This is generally a hassle-free service and here is an answer to “how to find a laundry self service near me”.

Use the internet

The World Wide Web is a terrific resource and you can simply surf the internet with search engines like Google and Bing to easily find out the self service laundry facilities in your area. It is a good way to check how many such facilities are present in and around your home, and you can choose the one that is closest.

Check Laundry websites

You can also find out websites of laundry shops in your area. These are specially designated, full service laundry facilities which offer a number of services, such as wash and fold, ironing service, alterations, dry cleaning drop off and more apart from having simple coin operated self service systems which are not manned. As a person wondering “how to find a laundry self service near me”, you can check the websites to find out about the standard rates for self service cleaning as well as what other types of services you may avail.

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Use Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages is still a great source for reference that you can use, and find local businesses and services. These days, you can also find an online version of Yellow Pages and use it from your smartphone. This is a good and reliable way to come across self service laundry systems in your area.

Use social networking sites

Even if you are new to the area you are living in, and do not know many people to ask about self service systems, you can ask questions about the same on social websites such as Facebook and Twitter or ask on Yahoo Answers or Quora to get instant and often real-time responses from people in your vicinity.

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Get referrals

You may also ask “how to find a laundry self service near me” to your friends, colleagues and new acquaintances in the area. Local cloth shops and upholstery stores may also be able to guide you about the same.

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