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Why use Laundrapp over a Coin Operated Laundry System?

When it comes to doing your laundry, the process is not something to look forward to. Luckily, there are plenty of laundry service providers on the market to hire these days. With these agencies, you can save the long and arduous task of cleaning up dirty clothes and having them dried properly. It can mean a loss of time, energy and even money – if you are using a dryer. There is still coin operated laundry systems found today, where you need you to insert coins to get your clothes washed. However, the following reasons can show you why these are actually a waste of time.

1) Unable to wash in bulk

When you have to wash many clothes at one go, you will find these systems miserably failing at the task. As dryers get older, you can find their effectuality taking a hit. A new coin operated dryer takes only one drying cycle to tidy up a load of dirty laundry. But older systems have reduced effectiveness and fail to clean in a single cycle. Towards the end of its lifespan, a coin operated laundry machine needs 2 cycles or even more for the same task. Thus, you end up losing precious time and also have to spend more money for the cleaning purpose.

No more coins

2) These do not take care of problems

With a human cleaning service provider, you can get problems fixed up easily after cleaning. It is common for buttons, zippers and other decorative stuffs on your clothes getting broken, coming off or lost during the cleaning process. Cleaning service providers take care of these stuffs and get them fixed before handing over clothes back to you. You cannot expect these fixes with a coin operated cleaning machine.

3) You cannot schedule pickup and delivery

After a hectic day at work, you hardly get the time or can summon the energy to walk up to a coin operated laundry system and have your clothes cleaned up as you wait. A far easier process is to give a call to Laundrapp and have dirty clothes collected and delivered to your home when you find it convenient. Laundrapp’s smartphone app allows you to order in seconds straight from your mobile – what could be easier!

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